Turn 'shoulds' into 'musts'

Turn 'shoulds' into 'musts'
Photo by Chander R / Unsplash

Have you ever felt you simply 'don't have time' to do something?

Here's the bitter truth—everyone has the same 24 hours. So then, it's not a question of time but a question of priorities.

Why do some people conveniently say they 'don't have time' to exercise as an excuse, while others show up for their workouts consistently? It's simply because for some people exercising is something they 'should' be doing, while for others it's a 'must'.

For people who eat healthy daily, that healthy lifestyle is a 'must' for them. On the other hand, for people who don't mind a cookie or 2 a day, being healthy is a very generic 'should'—they don't actually have a definite reason to be doing it! And so they don't.

So, if you do wish to get something done, convert it into a 'must' for you. For example, if working out is a 'should' for you right now, try finding a concrete reason you should be doing it and then actually schedule it into your calendar!

Once your 'shoulds' (eg: reading/working out) turn into 'musts', you're much more likely to get things done !