Strengthen your relationship

Strengthen your relationship
Photo by Scott Broome / Unsplash

Bored of simply going on dinner dates or scrolling through social media together?

Here are 3 purposeful things to strengthen the bond with your partner:


  • Research shows that working out with your partner releases endorphins - increasing happiness and love in a relationship.
  • It also enhances your emotional bond and builds trust.


  • Meditating together establishes a sense of comfort and trust.
  • It is a wonderful way to get closer to your partner and increase intimacy
  • Start small here with simple breathing practices.


  • Explore your creative interests together
  • Dance, cooking, art work, DIY projects are some great exercises to try out together and strengthen your bond.

After all, relationships are about creating shared experiences. These activities will add meaning to your relationships, and serve as fond memories to look back upon