How To Embrace A Bad Run

How To Embrace A Bad Run

Every run has a purpose. There is no good or bad run. However, for some, a bad run would be when they fail to meet their expectations for the run.

Here are some things you can learn from a bad run:

  1. Remember that it won't last: This won't be a daily thing. It won't last. It was something you had to overcome to become a better runner.
  2. It teaches you that you are human: It's impossible to have a perfect run every day. Sometimes, our bodies are tired, and we can't push through. And that's okay. You can always try again.
  3. Be grateful for your body: Even though you had a bad run, you could still run. The fact that your body can support you like that is reason enough to be grateful. So thank it for all it's done!
  4. Don't evaluate yourself based on that run: One bad run doesn't mean you're a bad runner. Instead, a bad run could be a great opportunity to keep you grounded and give your body a break.
  5. Don't dwell on it: It was a tiny part of your day. You'll run again tomorrow, and it won't be the same. Don't let your mood or confidence take a hit because of this.

Every run is essential. It teaches you more about yourself. Learn to face the bad runs and not fear them. They're all a part of the process.

"The most successful runners are the most confident runners. And the most confident runners are the most flexible runners. Remember that every training plan is written in pencil… with an eraser!"