Against The Flow Of Life

Against The Flow Of Life

We’re all trying to map our lives out. From what college you want to be in, to your retirement plans. You want it planned out. And we take action according to these plans. Planning is reasonable and necessary. But what happens when life decides otherwise? What happens when it doesn’t go according to this plan?

You start going crazy. You can’t accept what is happening, and you turn against the flow. When you are in this state of resistance, life will feel horrible. That’s because nothing is going your way.

You’re fixated on what you wanted, and nothing else makes sense.

If you continue living against the current, you might be unhappy and restless. You won’t be at peace with yourself. In the bigger picture, life is making way for you. It’s putting things how it’s supposed to be. But you’re unable to see it. So how can you learn to go with the flow? How can you accept what life throws at you?

It's important to learn when to go with the flow, and when to go against it. It can be a life-saving tool.