A priceless gift to your future self.

A priceless gift to your future self.
Photo by Yohann Lc / Unsplash

'Senseless', 'absurd', & 'confusing';  Do you associate these words with your dreams? Then this tool will change how you perceive them!

Dreams are mirrors of our subconscious self. Many famous artists have found inspiration and developed skills via dreams.

Here comes the role of our *dream journal—*a unique treasure chest of invaluable dream insights.

A dream journal benefits our waking life by reducing stress, improving creativity & problem-solving skills, and also helps us learn from our mistakes.

A dream journal helps us dig deeper into our innermost desires.

  • Every morning just after waking up, record everything you remember about your dream.
  • Don't worry if some aspects of your dreams are vague—just journal to the best of your abilities.
  • Give each dream a fun title.
  • Recognize and track the patterns over time.
  • Pay special attention to the recurring dreams.
  • Try to read your dream journal often - this would also help in initiating Lucid dreaming.

"Keeping a dream journal is a priceless gift to your future self " ~Kelly Bulkeley