7 benefits of a cold shower

7 benefits of a cold shower
Photo by Chris Greninger / Unsplash

When you take a hot water shower, it increases the body temperature, leading to more blood flow throughout the body to cool it down.

The exact opposite happens when you take a cold water shower. It decreases the body temperature, getting the blood back to the center to safeguard priority organs (heart, brain, liver, lungs). The thing is, our bodies don't get to experience the blood coming back to the center very often! (as we like being cozy all the time).

So, here are 7 reasons why you should take a cold shower:

  1. You get stronger and more resilient,
  2. Less prone to anxiety & depression.
  3. Body function more effectively.
  4. When you go into cold water, your body creates more white blood cells. White blood cells are the defense cells that help with immunity.
  5. It wakes you up.
  6. Reducing muscle soreness post-workout
  7. Increases productivity.

Both types of showers have their benefits. It depends on your body's needs and your preferences.