The one big obstacle to success.

The one big obstacle to success.
Photo by Filippo Ruffini / Unsplash

Ever been so afraid to fail that you never even tried? Well, you're not alone.

Fear of failure is the single biggest obstacle to success in adult life. It is an irrational fear that is created every time you try to do something new or risky, resulting in self-doubt and self-sabotage. In fact, it feels as real as physical harm to your solar plexus (the emotional center of your body)!

Due to this fear, you may miss out on several opportunities, lose your creativity and constantly feel held back and stressed.

How is it formed?

Your childhood experiences – If your parents were overly critical and established fear-based rules in the house (eg: getting punished for bad marks), this need for living up to expectations and for constant reassurance stays with you through your adult life.

The need for perfectionism – Perfectionists are so wary of failing that they’d simply rather not try.

A traumatic experience – If you’ve experienced a humiliating failure before (eg: been ridiculed for failing), you may be scared to go through such an event again.

High standards- If your definition of failure is when things don’t go exactly how you planned them, it creates almost impossible expectations to fulfill.

To live your life to the fullest, you need to recognize and overcome this fear of failure!