Most Vital Part Of The Law Of Attraction

Most Vital Part Of The Law Of Attraction

If you’ve seen The Secret, you must be familiar with the Law Of Attraction — “Your thoughts define your reality. What you focus on is what you get more of.”

However, this is just the surface of the law of attraction. There’s a critical piece missing!

What are the last 6 letters of attraction? ACTION.

Therefore, in addition to visualizing your goals, you also need to be applying the GOYA principle. As stated by John Assaraf, this is the “Get Off Your Ass Principle.”

While affirmations, vision boards, and goal setting are crucial for success, this mindset is just the FOUNDATION! Unfortunately, many people only visualize, pray, set goals, and eventually claim that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them.

Here’s the missing step — After you set goals and visualize, you need to work to accomplish them.

Your mindset defines your actions. And your actions determine your results. So, the Law of attraction does work. However, it leads to results when used with the GOYA law.

As Jim Carrey says, “You can’t just visualize and then…go eat a sandwich.”