Manage your anxiety effectively

Manage your anxiety effectively
Photo by Cosiela Borta / Unsplash

Anxiety is a result of persistent and excessive worries that don't leave even after the stressor is no longer present. It is different from stress as it is chronic and requires long-term solutions.

Here are some ways to deal with anxiety effectively:

  1. Identify your triggers: Anxiety is triggered by a variety of sources. Recognizing them will help you form better responses. This might even help you understand and recognize the root of your anxiety.
  2. Plan your worry time: With anxiety, a persistent worry exists even in the absence of a trigger or a stressor. Devoting a time in your day for worrying will help you reduce anxiety as well as help you focus on your tasks, rather than obsessing over a worrisome situation.
  3. Reduce caffeine consumption: Caffeine is a huge source of anxiety as it causes effects in our body that are similar to a frightening event. This results in an increased heart rate and jittery feelings which can trigger anxiety and anxiety attacks.
  4. Digital detox: Social media and screens stimulate your brain and provide it with an overload of information which can be extremely anxiety triggering. Going on a digital detox will help you Β connect with your surroundings, with yourself, and make you feel calmer.