Bosses, Workplaces and Periods

Bosses, Workplaces and Periods

It can be confusing to know what to do when an employee or a colleague is on their period. We get it. It's confusing even for the people on their periods.

As every person is different, so is their body, cramps, and blood flow. Some can't even leave their beds, while others follow their everyday routines easily.

Simply put, one has to go through a potential roller coaster of emotions, the physical pain that comes with it, and the bleeding uterus to top it all.

Here's how you can be considerate towards your employees or colleagues during their periods:

  • Take some time to learn about the science behind menstruation. Things will start making more sense to you, and you will become more aware of why people act as they do.
  • Be patient with them. It's not their fault; they are going through hormonal cycles that potentially lead to pretty intense feelings at times.
  • Create a safe environment. Have an open dialogue; ask what they need and how you can be of help. There are many stereotypes about how people act and feel during their periods. Don't assume.
  • Give them space when necessary. If they choose to work, they still might need some time to rest or might want to work at their pace.

The goal is to make it comfortable for anyone to be open about their periods. Every person has different needs. Remember, NEVER assume their actions/emotions are because of their periods. Their emotions are valid and valuable regardless of being on their period or not!