Become more likable

Become more likable

Being 'likable' surprisingly affects a lot more than just your love life. Likability can pay off big time! It can affect your career, the opportunities you get, how your boss and colleagues treat you, and also help form deeper relationships.

The thing with communication is that 93% of it is non-verbal. Within this 93%, 55% is through body language and 38% through tone of voice.

Here are 3 non-verbal behaviors to instantly make you more likable:

  1. Speak in a warm tone that indicates that you enjoy talking to the person you're speaking with. Be calm, confident and make eye contact. It's simpleβ€”you like them, they like you.
  2. Be patient and actively interested in them. Nobody likes selfish people!
  3. While talking to them, leave your phone aside. Give them your complete attention. It shows that you value them!

Your body language is a constant form of communication with the world, and it speaks volumes. Now, you can use it to your advantage!