An easy way to a calmer life

An easy way to a calmer life
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash

Most of us are either overthinking the past or stressing over the future. Β What if there was an easy way out of this loop?

Here is one simple mindfulness activity to bring you back to the present. So, breathe in (this is also useful), and read on.

#1. Morning Pages Brain Dump.


  • In your journal, write out any and every thought that crosses your mind.
  • Do this for 3 pages
  • Remember, this is for your eyes only, so don't hold back.


  • Don't overthink this - brainstorm ideas, go off on a rant about how your life is crazy, belt out those unexpressed emotions. It doesn't matter what you write.
  • Understand there's really no 'wrong way' of doing this. Β It's you and your thoughts! Don't be harsh on yourself.


It provides clarity.

It encourages you to be honest with yourself and reflect

Happy writing :)