A Quick Jump Out Of The Box!

A Quick Jump Out Of The Box!
Photo by Hazel Aksoy / Unsplash

Do you think creativity is just for artists?

The truth is, it's a hidden skill that all humans possess but often don't learn how to utilize.

Here's a series of quick tools to help you exercise your creativity:

Tool 1: "3 Words of Randomness"

  • Think
  • Think about 3 random words completely unrelated to your daily work & surroundings. Be quick!
  • Create
  • Come up with as many complete sentences with these 3 words.
  • Don't worry if they're funny or meaningless!
  • Note
  • Make a list of all your words

Creativity is like a muscleβ€”the more you exercise it, the more creative you become. Keep increasing the number of words, if it's getting easier.

This tool boosts your imagination by rewiring your brain to think differently.