A game-changing way to workout

A game-changing way to workout
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR / Unsplash

Being 'healthy' isn't simply about flat abs or cheekbones, it's also about having a calm and confident mind. Take charge of your mental and physical fitness with a mindful workout.


Simply be 100% present in your workout while doing it. Move with a sense of awareness - every repetition matters.


  • Impacts the body and the brain. Reduce stress and anxiety, while burning your calories!
  • Increases your focus. According to a study published in translational psychiatry ย - ย physical exercise mixed with mindfulness enhances the ability to concentrate.
  • Increases effectiveness of the workout. You won't be distracted by thoughts about work, emails, etc.
  • You'll enjoy the workout more!


  • Visualize yourself doing the workout. Imagine what the movement will feel like in your muscles, imagine the results you're about to achieve.
  • Pay attention to your movements and why you're doing them.
  • Sync breath and movement - getting into a rhythm will align your brain activity, heart rate, and nervous system.

Whatever your preferred workout activity is - skipping rope, running, lifting weights - can be turned into a mindfulness practice. Just be fully present to it.