7 ways to be kind to yourself

7 ways to be kind to yourself
Photo by Amanda Jones / Unsplash

We often have a tendency to be our worst enemy. We get so caught up in being kind to others that we forget being kind to ourselves !

Here are 8 ways to be kinder to yourself:

  1. Don’t call yourself names when you make a mistake.
  2. Ask for help and be open to accepting it.
  3. Respect yourself —value who you are and don’t seek external validation
  4. Rest and recharge (don’t feel guilty about it). Refueling isn’t a waste of time—in fact, it sets you up for victory.
  5. Recognize and celebrate your achievements (no matter how small)
  6. Validate your feelings - don’t dismiss your emotions. It's okay to feel what you feel.
  7. Growth doesn’t happen automatically. Celebrate how far you’ve come !

Stop telling yourself that something has to happen to make you worthy. You already are :)